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2017 - 2020

Nestled within the vibrant new community of West District, this condominium project offers a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces. With 220 meticulously crafted residential units and 17 commercial retail spaces, this development marks the inception of a dynamic mixed-use neighborhood. The innovative design not only caters to the diverse needs of its residents but also creates a thriving hub where urban convenience meets community engagement. The first of many mixed-use buildings in the area, this project sets the standard for contemporary living in West District, reflecting a commitment to sustainable, community-oriented development.

The condominium's architectural prowess extends to the sky, where two-storey penthouse suites redefine luxury living. These exclusive residences provide a heightened sense of opulence, featuring expansive living spaces, breathtaking views of both downtown Calgary and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Residents can indulge in the elevated lifestyle with a rooftop patio that serves as a communal retreat, offering panoramic vistas and a serene escape above the bustling city. Further enhancing the experience, the project prioritizes convenience with private underground parking, ensuring secure and hassle-free access to the residences. With its unique blend of residential and commercial spaces and stunning views, this condominium project in West District encapsulates the essence of modern urban living in Calgary's evolving landscape.

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